2 Days Introductory Sex Therapy Workshop Cape Town

Many people who consult their doctor or therapist suffer more or less severely from a problem in their sexual life that they would like to be able to talk about. However, few dare to do so. They expect their caregivers to discuss the subject. However, to date, whether one is a doctor, psychologist or couple therapist, the theme of sexuality is very rarely taught in the faculties.

Objectives of the workshop

The objective of this training is to allow participants to gain a better understanding of the logic of human sexual functioning. These two days will allow you to familiarize yourself with a precise vocabulary that is accessible to non-specialists in sexology to be more comfortable with the theme.


We will explore a fundamental conception of human functioning that is the uniqueness of the „BrainBody“ in different workshops. Based on concrete cases, role plays, sexological analyses, we will see the usefulness of a structured sexological evaluation based on a concept of sexual health. We will be able to familiarize ourselves with key points that help us understand the logic of a functioning that has led to sexual or relational difficulty. We will become aware of the need for good learning to achieve satisfactory sexual functioning.

Target audience

General practitioners, gynecologists, urologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, couple therapists, caregivers, midwives, sexual health specialists, physiotherapists, special educators, teachers or anyone interested in accessing better knowledge about sexual functioning.

Number of participants

A limited number of places to encourage interaction. Registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.


In this two-day workshop, we will work with four case studies with typical sexual problems from practice. This will enable us to include the previous knowledge of the participants and to expand it with the knowledge of the Sexocorporel Approach. This will enable a case understanding based on a model of sexual health and provide clues for targeted interventions. In addition to the cognitive, emotional and relationship components, particular attention will be paid to physical aspects.

The four cases presented in this workshop are:

  • A man with arousal problems,
  • A woman with a lack of desire,
  • A man with premature ejaculation and
  • A woman with orgasm disorders.

Besides the professional view, the workshop includes also experiential components like exercises.